Monday, 15 July 2013

Pembrokeshire Landscapes

Back in May/June I was in Pembrokeshire and caught up with some landscape photography. Having been there several times now I know my favourite spots. Pembrokeshire though is not predictable, the weather can change quickly and so the motto is be prepared and be patient.

So... the first morning followed one of the coldest nights I've experienced there with ice forming on the tent. However this greeted me as I came out of the tent around 6am which more than made up for the uncomfortable night.

I'd been meaning to photograph King Arthur's cromlech at sunset for a while. The story has it that it was placed to look out West towards the setting sun and I really wanted to try and embody this. Whilst around the site I was met by the most majestic white horses which really added to the mystery of the place. Spending some time there it's clear that the cromlech would also catch a good sunrise. Here's the final image I went with.

Also on my list was some Highland Cows, I love the mop of hair that falls over their faces. They remind me of a mop topped teenager. "Uhhhh wot, clean my field and get a haircut? Life is soooo unfair."

For some reason I've nicknamed this one Boris... ;)

I have previously mentioned my admiration for Ansel Adam's and it featured in a previous blog post back in March here. With the Moonrise, Hernandez shot in my mind I really wanted to capture something similar. It was whilst hiking up to Carn Llidi a little after dawn that I noticed the moon still present in the sky. It took a lot of scrabbling around in the gorse and thistles to get into the correct position. Then as I did someone popped up on the ridge line. I got a few shots in the bag with a view to editing them out if I needed but after a few minutes they left and I got what I wanted. I call this Moonset over Carn Llidi.

The hike to Carn Llidi was part of my plan to capture some panoramic shots. Whilst up there I had a great view of Ramsay Island and decided to give a stitched photo of it a go. This meant I had to dig out the 200mm lens due to distance. The image below doesn't do it justice, the high resolution version has masses of detail when zoomed in, boats approaching the island, sheep, buildings, sheep and even some sheep. This would look super and as a large piece of wall art in a corridor.

Lastly I really wanted to do a little bit of slow shutter photography that made you feel in the sea.

So there we have it, a quick selection from Pembrokeshire. You can see more of my landscapes here:

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